Edzimkulu 2008 Video

Video – End AIDS Stigma (2008)

This video tells the touching true story of the people of Ndawana, South Africa reaching out to help neighbouring communities, as well as a well-respected choir from Soweto, overcome the stigma of HIV. Running time: 41:43. Edzimkulu – End Stigma (high quality) from Tim Senger on Vimeo.… [read full article]
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Edzimkulu 2006 Video

Video – Edzimkulu: Changing Lives (2006)

This video was filmed in late 2005/early 2006 and documents the work that includes the construction of the four-building community centre, progress in healthcare, breaking the stigma of AIDS, and education. Running time: 14:16.… [read full article]
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Edzimkulu 2004 Video

Video – The First Five Months (2004)

This video documents the early work of Edzimkulu. Filmed in the first months of 2004, this was a time of learning, of building friendships and trust, and of vision formation. Running time: 14:48.… [read full article]
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