weighing a baby

Weighing a baby

Community Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) began at Ndawana in early 2008 as a joint initiative with the Department of Health (DoH) in response to community concerns about the high number of malnourished and dying children. Workers were trained to weigh children under age five, plot the weights, interpret the results, and refer to the health facility if necessary. Since the inception of the program, details and progress of every child has been captured electronically, and in 2013 the Under Five Tracking System (UFTS) developed by Sue Tremblay in Victoria was introduced and is being beta tested at three sites.

Since 2008 the infant and child mortality rate in Ndawana has dropped by close to 75% and the number of malnourished children is half the norm for the district. Edzimkulu has been recognized nationally in South Africa for its work in IMCI.

Orphan Feeding

Orphan Feeding