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Returning to South Africa

We are returning to South Africa in November 2015 after a long stay in Canada because of events in the previous year: In August, 2014, we were asked by Dr. Samu Camara, who was both the medical and the operational director of Pholela Community Health Centre (CHC), to work with her and her staff in the revitalization of Pholela and the eight clinics which report to Pholela.… [read full article]
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appreciate day

Appreciation Day

We believed we were saying goodbye to Ndawana after 11 plus years living in South Africa and doing hands-on work in the community and the surrounding area. It was a painful decision, particularly in light of the past rollercoaster year of heartening progress followed by devastating heartbreak.… [read full article]
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A Conversation with Joe

At the Appreciation Day for us prior to leaving Ndawana in March, Chris’s sister Sue had the privilege of a conversation with one of the village men, Joe Bekwa, who had been the chief builder of most of the community centre.… [read full article]
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Rebag Movement runs ‘Angels of the World’ Fundraiser

We are touched and delighted that ReBag Movement ( is running the ‘Angels of the World’ Fundraiser for grandmothers in Ndawana. Please see their website for more details.… [read full article]
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Educating Girls and Women in Ndwana

Educating Women along with Girls

There are many programmes in the world dedicated to educating girls, and these efforts are vital.  Girls in much of the world do not have the opportunities open to boys in many ways, even to being aborted purposely because the fetus is female. … [read full article]
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A Time for Celebration

A time for celebration but reflection too.  Last week the Community Caregivers (CCGs), mostly women, who provide home-based care, signed a new contract with the Department of Health.  With 80% unemployment in the rural areas they are happy to have a source of income that comes with hope of a better job. … [read full article]
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Sandile Pwungula

Sandile’s Story

Sandile is one of our new employees, a data capturer for the children’s health monitoring application. He was orphaned at age 16, along with a younger sister and her new baby, whom he cared for. He continues to provide care for her at his current age of 21.… [read full article]
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Change for Children

Exciting news to share

A new look, a new structure, old programmes with a new focus.  We’d like to announce our partnership with Change for Children, a Canadian Charity that has been active for some 40 years.  As planned, Edzimkulu Canada will end operations in early 2014. … [read full article]
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